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Baird apologizes for spokeswoman's e-mail

October 6, 2001

WASHINGTON — Rep. Brian Baird, D-Wash., has apologized for an e-mail invitation sent by his press secretary that referred to an overlook off the congressman's seventh-floor office as the "disaster balcony."

The Sept. 27 electronic message was sent to staff members who work for members of Washington's congressional delegation, inviting them to a happy hour.

The event was canceled, and press secretary Anne Linskey apologized for her choice of words.

Baird said he didn't know about the invitation and, in a letter to Washington state House members Monday, apologized for the staffer's characterization. He said the gathering could have been useful to help ease "tremendous tensions."

"Unfortunately, the wording of the invitation was chosen very poorly," he wrote.

Baird said the Sept. 11 attack that damaged the Pentagon and a funnel cloud on Sept. 24 associated with tornadoes that killed two University of Maryland students were both visible from his office balcony.

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