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Advanced Email Parser v1.07beta RELEASED!

October 12, 2001

Advanced Email Parser Advanced Email Parser v1.07beta was released at October 12, 2001. AEP is very powerful and advanced system for automatic processing incoming emails. In this version we have added a new component named "Filter Group". This component be able to combine some filters (or filter's groups) by logic operations "AND", "OR, "negative AND" and "negative OR". Now you can create very powerful filters. Also, we have done "Realtime Processing" and AEP can process message at once after receiving. Now you'll have results immediately. This very helpful feature was designed specially for processing offline data sources with large messages amount. In the rule properties was added new switch named "Process Only Message Header". It will increase processing speed for unwanted messages and can protect your computer against viruses. Also, log system was improved for processing large logs and huge debug sessions. All known bugs were fixed - thanks for help to our users and testers! You can learn more about AEP at AEP home and download it from our downloads page.


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