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Teenager sent e-mail after disappearance

October 18, 2001

A 14-year-old girl of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, who has been missing since Oct. 6, e-mailed a friend's cellular phone, saying a man now suspected in her disappearance was going to take her to the mountains, police said Tuesday.

Yuki Kumai, a third-year middle school student, e-mailed a friend around Oct. 7, saying she was with an acquaintance of her mother's, police said.

Meanwhile, a 56-year-old fisherman acquainted with Kumai's mother was found Friday hanged in a fishing boat moored at the Ishinomaki fishing port, police said.

Police found the girl's clothes and belongings at the fisherman's home.

Kumai did not live with her mother, but often visited her house. The fisherman was also a frequent visitor to the house and knew Kumai, police said.


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