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Palms to Get Always-on E-Mail

October 19, 2001

Wireless network operator Motient Corporation Thursday announced a modem for Palm handhelds that provides them with always-on e-mail.

The company's MobileModem is designed to work with Palm V and Vx handhelds, according to Motient. It connects those handhelds to Motient's wireless network.

The modem will make the Palm handhelds operate similar to devices from Research In Motion, which also operate over wireless paging networks such as Motient's. The modem constantly checks with the network and wakes up the handheld if a message arrives and the handheld is turned off.

The modem supports a variety types of e-mail including enterprise e-mail based on platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes, according to the company. The modem will come with a special cable that both recharges the batteries on the handheld and the modem and synchronizes data.

Motient said the 4.8 ounce modem will be available later this fall. It provided no pricing information.

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