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Email Getting More Attention Due to Anthrax Concerns

October 22, 2001

According to the Associated Press, all across the country "businesses and individuals are rethinking their reliance on postal mail," for rather obvious reasons. Will this result in greater use of email for the same purposes as 3rd class mail?

If so, we may be in for a tsunami of spam. While there is a legitimate need for communicating product and marketing information via email, some companies may be about to take advantage of that tiny little box some of you (and we) forget to uncheck from time to time. You know, the one that says "Yes, I want to receive news of updates and special offers" on the Web page where you just ordered a new widget. We think this is all but inevitable, but hope they don't include big shiny junk mail images in attached PDFs.

There are observers taking this threat very seriously. John Levine of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail thinks there will be unscrupulous parties who will say, "For your convenience [and safety], we will spam you."

Comments: The upside of the new attention electronic mail will undoubtedly receive is that we may see new email applications and related technologies hitting the marketplace very shortly. Perhaps there's an investment angle here.

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