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New product: Advanced Email Locator

October 27, 2001

Advanced Email Locator We are proud to present to you our new product - Advanced Email Locator! With AEL you can obtain unique marketing information. If you want to congratulate your subscribers on them national holidays or to classify your mailing list by country - AEL is your only choice. More than half of COM/NET/ORG domain owners live outside of USA and for instance nearly half of German and France subscribers have COM/NET/ORG e-mails. AEL can detect countries of your subscribers regardless of email domain. You can recieve an additional information including postal address with AEL also. AEL determines if your subscribers have an e-mail address on the one of free e-mail servers, program have a database with 20000+ entries, and the database still grows! You can save the results to CSV, text or MS Excel files. Try it now!


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