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Americans want wireless e-mail

November 12, 2001

The ability to access and use email wirelessly from a personal digital assistant (PDA) ranked first in a survey released today targeting more than 5,000 registered users across the United States. Commissioned by Motient, the owner and operator of one of the largest wireless packet data networks in the U.S., the survey results indicated that nearly two-thirds of the respondents rated the ability to use wireless two-way email as first on their "wish list" for future services or applications not currently offered on most handhelds.

In addition, the survey revealed that wireless applications, such as the ability to track stocks, review restaurants, locate addresses and get traffic and weather reports are extremely important to the PDA user's lifestyle. Coupled with email capabilities, the survey uncovered that the top three most important functions that PDA users consider when making a wireless device purchase decision are: reliability of the network on which the device runs, mobility, and the cost of the device and monthly airtime fees.

Additional survey highlights include that PDA users between the ages of 31 and 40 account for 31 percent of responses followed by PDA users 21 to 30 at 28 percent of responses, that more than 36 percent of those surveyed own a Palm V series handheld, making it the most popular PDA, and that the top three user application functionalities include calendar and contact information, tied at 77 percent, followed by the ability to use other business applications at 40 percent.

Additionally, when asked what characteristics or new applications are most important for future devices, survey answers revealed increased storage/RAM, faster transmission speed of data and real-time wireless email - and that men are almost twice as likely to use PDAs than women.

By: Jørgen Sundgot, Copyright © 1999-2001 infoSync


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