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Comdex 2001: Software stops viruses at e-mail gateway

November 14, 2001

Anti-Virus for SMTP gateways, which sits on the SMTP servers that transfer e-mail from the Internet to local mail servers, filters e-mail messages and attachments using Kaspersky's antivirus engine and related updates.

The software's virus data, or definitions, are updated more than once a day during a serious virus outbreak, said Denis Zenkin, Kaspersky's head of corporate communications. New updates can be downloaded manually or pushed to systems automatically as they are released.

Zenkin said putting antivirus software on the SMTP server, rather than the mail server, improves overall e-mail performance and security by filtering the mail before it reaches too far into the corporate network.

Anti-Virus for SMTP gateways runs on Linux and Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems. Support for Solaris, FreeBSD and OpenBSD will be added early next year, Zenkin said.

Prices for the software, which will be available worldwide by the end of November, are based on the number of mailboxes protected per year, said Zenkin. For example, software for 200 mailboxes costs about $10 (£7) per mailbox a year.

Kaspersky is not limiting itself to antivirus software in its drive to improve computer security, Zenkin added. The company will expand its product line early next year to include both personal and distributed firewalls, as well as content filtering systems.


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