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E-mail not fan mail for Glover

November 22, 2001

Here's just a sample:

  • "Tell this boop to get a life. The guy compromises values for a dollar and confessed to it." — Jim P.
  • "So America is a violent, terrible country ... tell Mr. Glover his country is hard at work right now protecting his right to make stupid statements." — Jerry Gross.
  • "He derides this country that has made him a wealthy man, and yet he made his wealth from violent movies. I laugh at his justification. ... 'I made violent movies because they let me make movies that weren't violent.'" — Laura Siple, Dalzell, S.C.
  • "Who is Danny Glover to even have an opinion on terrorism or Osama bin Laden? Was his family killed on 9/11? Is he a constitutional scholar? Has he ever been to the Middle East, where he could have worn an American flag on his jacket and had rocks thrown at him? Probably not." — Stuart Nachman.
  • "With people like Danny, we need the un-American Society working again." — John Oliver.
  • "He will drag down big bucks for his movie roles depicting violence and killing (I especially like when he gets the guy with a framing nailer through the plastic) but can't bear the thought of a guilty criminal getting his due." — Tom, Colorado.
  • "I just want to slap him, but instead I will get him where it hurts: The box office." — G. Graham.
  • "Glover is dead wrong about bin Laden, terrorism and the whole area of responsibility and punishment." — A Patriot, Paradise, Calif.
  • "To say America is the greatest source of violence in the world and blindly ignore HIS culpability and promulgation of that violence would be laughable, if it weren't so tragic." — Unknown.
  • "If an ordinary person (bless their hearts) had expressed things as Glover did about our government, he would have been shot before sunrise." — Wayne Norris, Malakoff, Texas.
  • "I think the first person prosecuted in a tribunal should be Danny Glover himself. What a hypocrite and traitor." — Ron Mikell.
  • "He reminds me of Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War." — Bob Kelley, 1st Lt. U.S. Army Air Corps, 1939-1945.
  • "All I would ask Mr. Glover to do is live 60 days under the rule of the Taliban. If, he then still felt that the United States was a purveyor of death and destruction, I might give him more than passing notice." — Harvey M. Hudgins.
  • "This person, who feeds off the money that this great country gives to him, has the nerve to say we are the ones to blame for all this terrorism. He should look in the mirror, say, 'I am a traitor to this country,' pack his bags, and move to a country he feels he could support. I feel sorry for his family to be associated with a traitor. It cannot be a good feeling." — J. Cody, West Springfield, Mass.


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