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Police issue warning about e-mail scam

November 22, 2001

LAFAYETTE - Law enforcement authorities are urging people to be on guard for various scams during the holiday season.

This week the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department and Carencro Mayor Tommy Angelle were contacted by e-mail from Nigeria, Africa, asking for a Social Security number and bank account information to transfer money, said a sheriff's spokeswoman and Carencro Police Chief Timmy Duhon.

The scam scenario: You receive a message from someone who claims to be connected with the Nigerian government asking for your help in moving millions of dollars in overpayments to an overseas account. If you will provide your bank account number, the funds will be temporarily transferred to your account, and you will receive a percentage.

The scam: Your bank account is raided.

According to the National Fraud Information Center at, all a crook needs is your bank account and routing numbers to withdraw funds from your account.

"Citizens should never provide Social Security and bank account information to unknown individuals, especially over the telephone or via fax or e-mail," said Donna Delahoussaye, spokeswoman for Sheriff Mike Neustrom.

Delahoussaye said scam operators will provide various reasons for needing the account information, and they will always ask for some type of financial assistance.

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