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DMA Readies Anti-Terrorism Effort

February 15, 2002

The Direct Marketing Association's fundraising effort for The Advertising Council's anti-terrorism Campaign for Freedom will break March 4.

The DMA will use mail, e-mail, space ads, telemarketing and online banners to target marketing heads at large corporations and decision-makers at advertising, marketing and promotions agencies.

"About 6,500 mail pieces are scheduled to drop," said Christina Duffney, a spokeswoman for the DMA in New York.

Wunderman New York will handle the account on a pro bono basis. Otherwise, the campaign would have cost $250,000.

The effort will raise money to cover costs like talent fees, duplication, postage and database services.

This is the first time that the Ad Council has turned to the direct marketing industry to support the backend costs of its campaigns.

DMA members are being asked to donate direct and Internet marketing expertise and services. Also welcome are paper and printing services to fund this direct campaign.

Many firms have already donated in-kind services.

Wunderman has offered creative services, World Data/Webconnect e-mail lists and e-mail distribution, Acton International lettershop services and The Horah Group project coordination and lettershop services.

Webcraft-Vertis is printing posters for the mail package. DialAmerica and Infocision are contributing telemarketing services. The American Association of Advertising Agencies is donating Web banners and postage for the direct mail. The DMA is chipping in with Web banners and e-mail and full-page ads.

Full-page ads, and in many cases, online banners, have been offered by publications like DM News, Direct, Catalog Age, American Demographics, Direct Marketing magazine, Adweek and Brandweek.

The Association for Interactive Marketing is supporting with banners and e-mail ads, and the Promotion Marketing Association with banners.

By: Mickey alam Khan. Copyright 2001 Courtenay Communications Corporation.


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