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Commission will get e-mail

February 24, 2002

Butler County commissioners will be getting their offices wired for e-mail.

That decision was made at Tuesday's regular business meeting.

"I think it makes sense to have the commissioners' offices wired for e-mail," remarked commission chairman Randy Doll of Andover, adding "we need to bring those offices into the year 2002."

Doll said the process will begin in the first part of March, when Scott Stoskopf (who heads up the county's computer services department) goes out for bid on new personal computers to replace those in the county government system which are more than three years old.

Rather than purchasing new computers for the commissioners' offices, he continued, three of the older computers which are still functional but which have gone out of warranty and would otherwise be sold at the county auction will be used for e-mail purposes.

Probably within 30 days after Stoskopf goes out for bids on the new computers, Doll ventured, e-mail wiring will be done in commissioners' offices.

He added commissioners will be using the same printer which is used by the county administration staff on the fourth floor of the Butler County Courthouse.

Such details as e-mail addresses still need to be worked out, he also noted.

By STEVE SMITH, Times Staff Writer. Copyright © 2002, The El Dorado Times.


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