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Gov. Bush campaign gets McBride e-mail list, solicits supporters

March 30, 2002

Campaign officials for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Bill McBride have accused Gov. Jeb Bush's campaign of sending unsolicited mass e-mails to McBride's potential supporters and donors, asking for their support.

Bush's campaign obtained the list of e-mail addresses after a McBride campaign worker inadvertently e-mailed supporters without hiding the names and e-mail addresses of other recipients. Someone who received it then sent it to the Bush campaign.

``They e-mailed our e-mail list,'' said Robin Rorapaugh, McBride's campaign manager. ``They spammed these people.''

The Bush campaign admitted sending the messages which began: ``We understand that Bill McBride has recently contacted you regarding his campaign for governor.''

It continued with a solicitation of support and was signed by Bush campaign manager Karen Unger.

Bush spokesman Todd Harris denied it was spam _ unsolicited mass mailings many e-mail users abhor.

``The McBride people were good enough to provide them for us,'' Harris said.

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