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Orchid Announces an Email Gateway for Legacy Systems Integration

April 8, 2002

Orchid Systems today announced the release of the TeleShaper eMail Gateway. The most widely understood and widely available communications vehicle on the internet can now be connected directly to legacy applications. A mobile sales force, an executive in an airport, or a remote dispatch team can send text based email messages, and the TeleShaper eMail Gateway is able to communicate the contents of the messages to any legacy application. The TeleShaper eMail Gateway is also able to deliver email messages that contain information obtained from a legacy application. From anywhere email is available - cell phone, pager, PDA, laptop or desktop - a remote work force can now maintain constant access to the information stored in legacy applications using the internet's most ubiquitous technology.

What does a legacy application have to do with email? According to Robert Anthony, President and CEO of Orchid, "People imagine email to be a person-to-person communications protocol. It is, but that's not all it has to be. Email is everywhere. It gets a pass through firewalls and its infrastructure exists. The problem is often that, in order for workflow to proceed, a person must read the email and act on it. The fact is, if a person can read an email, so can a computer. The TeleShaper eMail Gateway does just that."

Available as a software toolkit or as a pre-configured network server, the TeleShaper eMail Gateway is available for use by your own IT resources, by Orchid's integration team, or by one of the Orchid integration partners. TeleShaper Business Objects encapsulate the operation and processes that an expert user would use to interact with your legacy host applications, including references to additional data sources. Its Virtual User engine publishes an interface that can be utilized by practically any external component via one of the standard TeleShaper Gateways or via easily created custom gateways.

Orchid Systems is the premier source of legacy system integration knowledge and innovation, represented by its 21 patents and hundreds of installations around the world. Their website is - technical white papers are available for download and legacy integration design questions are encouraged.

CONTACT: Orchid Systems. Bob Anthony, 781.431.7446 ext 268,

SOURCE: Orchid Systems

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