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New product: Mailing List Wizard

May 18, 2002

<a href=/mlw/><img src="/i/mlw-icon.gif" width=32 height=32 border=0 align=left alt="Mailing List Wizard" vspace=3></a>
We are glad to present a new product - Mailing List Wizard (MLW). <br>MLW is designed to help you with processing and converting your mailing lists. This program can exclude duplicated addresses, corrects misspelled addresses by using unique algorithms, filters lists by varied criteria, merges lists, and makes exclusions from address lists by using an additional list. MLW can supplement mailing lists with address owner names by using information from other lists, deletes address owner names from mailing lists, and many other things. MLW is a single software product that combines functions of several programs for mailing list processing. You can learn more about the Wizard at <a href=/mlw/>MLW homepage</a> and download it <a href=/downloads/>here</a>.


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