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Which Format Works for E-Mail Marketing?

May 16, 2002

Text, HTML and Rich Media: Which Format Works for E-Mail Marketing?

According to the Opt-in news 2002 Email Marketing Factbook, 50% of worldwide consumers responding to a 2001 survey say they would be more likely to buy products or services from opt-in e-mail marketing compared to 37% who say the same about e-mail newsletters and just 13% who say the same about direct mail.

In terms of specific e-mail ad formats, a Q1 2002 survey — also presented in the Factbook — found that 62% of respondents say they prefer text-based e-mail advertisments whereas just 35% say the same about HTML and 3% say they prefer rich media e-mail ads.

A 26 October 2001 Daily eStat covered 2001 holiday data from Opt-in news which indicated that 61% of marketers were planning to use HTML e-mail marketing for the holiday season whereas just 34% planned to use text and 5% planned to use e-mail formatted with rich media.

A September 2001 IMT Strategies report finds that 57% of marketing e-mail received by US internet users is in HTML format. It is important to note, however, that IMT separates animation from HTML and rich media.

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