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Advanced Direct Remailer v2.16 is Available

May 21, 2002

<a href=/adr/><img src="/i/adr-icon.gif" width=32 height=32 border=0 align=left alt="Advanced Direct Remailer" vspace=3></a>
Advanced Direct Remailer v2.16 has been released at May 21.
In the new version we have added the possibility to specify the network interface for SMTP server (bind), EXPN (EXPAND) command of SMTP server has been implemented.
Several small bugs has been fixed, including logic of Pause command.
You can <a href="/downloads/">download</a> ADR 2.16 at our <a href="/downloads/">downloads page</a>
and learn more about ADR <a href=/adr/>here</a>.


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