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54 Firms Warned for Illegal e-Mails

May 23, 2002

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has warned 54 companies for having sent commercial e-mails, or spam, to customers without properly identifying themselves as required by regulations.

The firms warned include Samsung Corporation, LG Card, SK Corporation and KT.

The companies violated the laws by omitting reference to their brand names, addresses or telephone numbers, according to the FTC.

It said that it has commissioned the relevant local government authorities to take administrative measures against the 48 companies identified.

For the six firms remaining anonymous, the police will continue to conduct criminal investigation to trace their identity.

According to the laws, violators could be subjected to a 15-day suspension of business, up to three years imprisonment or 50 million won in fines.

``We join hands with consumer groups to monitor spams,'' said the FTC.

The commission also added that it would reinforce its monitoring activities with the e-commerce protection law taking effect on July 1.

Under the law, e-mailer should clarify the name of their representative, e- mail address and registration number, as well as basic contact information.

Sending commercial e-mail with intentionally misleading mail titles in the subject bar or continuing to send the e-mail despite the recipients rejection will be also illegal.

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