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Mailing List Wizard 1.1 has been RELEASED

June 19, 2002

<a href=/mlw/><img src="/i/mlw-icon.gif" width=32 height=32 border=0 align=left alt="Mailing List Wizard" vspace=3></a>
Mailing List Wizard 1.1 has been released at June  19.  New  version
have many changes and improvements  in  email  addresses  correction
algorithm. Several optional features has been added  too.  At  first,
recovery emails by known domains list — if this option is  enabled,
MLW will recovery emails without first-level domain like <jane@aol>,
<mike@hotmail>, to <> and  <>.  You  can
add any number of domains to domains list. Next, removing  of  known
'REMOVEIT' substrings. This  option  may  affect  on  valid  emails.
Addresses like <>  and  <>
are syntactically correct and may exist. If this option is  on,  MLW
will  try  to  recovery  such  emails  to   <>   and

In correction and filtering operations  settings  you  can  turn  on
emails verifing by first-level domains list. It is the simple  check
procedure, it compare  the  first-level  domain  (e.g.,  '.com'  for
<>) with all domains in list. But it helpful
to remove 'antispam jokes' in mailing lists, like  hahaha@dont.spam,
someone@invalid.address and so on. To  quality  emails  verifing  we
recommend <a href=/amv/>Advanced Maillist Verify</a>. You can download <a href=/mlw/>Mailing List Wizard</a>
at our <a href=/downloads/>downloads</a> page and learn more about MLW <a href=/mlw/>here</a>.


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