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Small businesses ''still use traditional marketing tools''

September 6, 2007

Traditional forms of marketing can still be highly effective for small businesses, an industry expert has claimed.

While many firms have decided to focus on marketing themselves online, Peter Hawtin, director of Brand New Way, said that older forms of advertising can still be useful.

He explained that it was important for small firms to consider their audience and message when planning an advertising campaign and tailor its delivery accordingly.

"The essence of marketing is delivering the right message to the right people in the right way," Mr Hawtin added.

"Therefore, what is the right solution for one business may be different to others, but certainly direct marketing and traditional marketing still have a role to play but it is getting harder."

In August, it was reported that email marketing surpassed direct mail in terms of volume for the first time.

At the time, Richard Gibson, from the DMA Email Marketing Council Benchmarking Hub, commented: "The continued growth of email marketing reiterates its importance as an effective marketing channel - for both retaining existing customers and generating new customer relationships."

Author:  Adfero Ltd


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