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Find an essential solution in a new area of the MailUtilities web-site

October 13, 2007

We would like to announce a new area on the MailUtilties web-site: The Solutions.

This area contains special descriptions of the real solutions which can be created with our programs. If you work in e-mail marketing business or you are going to try yourself in this activity, so our examples help you to understand the best way to start there and to find an optimal way. How to create high-targeted mailing list? How to verify the e-mail addresses? How to locate you potential customers? Could you send the message with necessary scheduling? Are there any possibilities to automate the subscription and incoming feedback processing?

Find all these answers in our Solutions Area! And remember – if you don’t find a right answer, you must ask us about it. We are professionals and we’ll find the best “how-to” for you!

Author:  MailUtilities team


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