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Spam texts 'on the rise'

October 15, 2007

The number of unsolicited text messages being sent to mobile phone owners each day, has topped the million mark according to recent research by consumer website

Frustrated customers are being encouraged to reply to the annoying texts by the unscrupulous companies who are responsible for the irksome texts.

Spam email messages containing viruses have for years plagued UK computers - there is an estimated 82 million per day.

Anti-spam software has helped combat the problem with rogue emails but similar technology has yet to be developed for handsets, uSwitch notes.

The price comparison website's research shows that 16.6 million mobile customers are being sent spam texts. They are advised never to push the reply button when confronted with the problem.

Mobile spam might be here to stay: the Information Commissioner's Office this month ruled that it will no longer regulate the use of Bluetooth technology as it is not deemed to be covered by UK privacy laws.

The decision has raised fears of a surge in Bluetooth spam.



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