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Unsolicited email "surprisingly effective"

December 7, 2007

Spam is "surprisingly" efficient as a form of online marketing, a new study has revealed.

Research conducted by internet marketing firm Endai Worldwide showed that over the past year, 50 per cent of people purchased a product or service as a result of a marketing email.

The survey found that an interesting subject line helped encourage users to open an unsolicited marketing email.

Michael Ferranti, chief executive officer of Endai Worldwide, said every firm should ensure their email marketing campaign is well-designed as it can be an effective tool.

He said the survey's findings reinforce "what we've believed at the gut-level all along and that is that consumers will always be motivated to buy if the offer is appealing and customer-centric".

Last month, Robert Dirskovski, head of interactive media for the Direct Marketing Association, commented that it is vital to target consumers in a way that is acceptable to them and with relevant information.



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