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Subject line 'the most important sentence in email marketing'

May 15, 2008

Subject lines have been described as the most sentences in a business's email marketing by an industry expert.

According to Suzanne Norman, the director of community relations at marketing provider Emma, the line can be used to both attract and engage potential and existing customers.

Talking to, she outlined that messages sent to clients should also be consistent in their use of a company's logos and offers.

She explained that a firm's message should "extend all the way through from your e-mail to the signup page to whatever special landing page you've created for the event [or product] you're trying to promote through your e-mail".

Personalising email marketing was also highlighted by the expert as a way to "boost response rates".

In a recent column for the Worcester Business Journal, Louise Rijk, the vice-president of sales and marketing at Advanced Media Productions, said that the subject line and from address were the most important factors for businesses that want people to open their messages.



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