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Email marketing 'is a low-cost medium for reaching customers'

July 2, 2008

Email marketing has been described by an expert as one of several "low-cost mediums" available to businesses looking to reach consumers.

Diane Costa, the director of sales and marketing at Marketing Mechanics, said that while there are a number of ways to keep in touch with consumers, a database that can be used to contact people through email is one of the best.

She also urged businesses to consider providing people with an up sell from what they have bought, adding that it can also be beneficial to specifically promote to those who have previously been in contact.

"Existing customers are cheaper to market to than obtaining new ones," she explained.

"If the groundwork has already been done and a customer has already used a company's products or services, marketing to this customer over sourcing a new customer should offer a positive and cost effective return."

Simon Lidington, vice-president of MRS, recently stated that businesses can carry out low-cost market research via the internet or telephone.

Author:  Adfero Ltd


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