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Personalisation 'a great email marketing trick' for businesses

January 5, 2009

Adding personalized content to email marketing messages is a "great trick", according to an expert.

Gary Taylor, managing director of Safig Cabestan, has claimed that the use of such information can help growing businesses to make their promotions "more enticing" to consumers.

In a column for B2B Marketing Online, he explained that firms with data on the buying habits of certain consumers could put the details to use by tailoring messages for them.

"Of course, the mechanics of this would be another masterclass in itself, but many seem to overlook the mere fact that it can be done," he added.

Jeanniey Mullen of recently claimed that subject lines could be "key" to their efforts to get good email marketing results over this year.

Writing on the website, she also warned growing businesses in the UK to bear other topics in mind when creating email-based promotions, including delivery, reputation and integration with other channels.

Author:  Adfero Ltd


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