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Advanced Email Extractor can process pages with Jscript now!

November 16, 2009

A new version of Advanced Email Extractor v.3 (3.1.4991) has been released. The support of JScript virtual machine has been added. The documents with Jscript protection are processed by AEE without additional changing filters using.

What does it mean? If page contains the protection of e-mail addresses with Java Script assistance, AEE will upload this page to IE emulator and will try to explore it. The result will be passed to parsing . So, if you see email address into a page, Advanced Email Extractor can see it too.

There are not any competitor products with such feature!

This option requires additional computer performance. We recommend to activate this option if your PC is up-to-date (for example: Core2Duo and 2GB memory as minimum).

The using of this feature can slow down the scanning process, but the results will more exact. Use this option for scanning of selected web-sites only, not for total search. It allows to optimize the processor performance.

You need to have Internet Explorer 7 or higher to use described option.

Author:  EMMA Labs


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