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'Engagement' with online direct marketing important for 2010

January 7, 2010

Integrating marketing channels and improving customer engagement will be key focuses of email marketers in 2010, according to an expert.

Email marketer Tink Taylor said that online direct marketing is becoming increasingly important, especially because studies have shown that social media users tend to open more emails.

"People have now realised the benefit of linking social media with email and that is going to be a trend that will continue," he pointed out.

Email service providers are also beginning to carry out more in-depth profiling of recipient engagement, he said, adding that "if they detect that you are never opening or reading an email they’ll move it, so marketers have got to make sure the emails they are sending are interesting and engaging".

Last year, a report from the US revealed that although the recession remains on the minds of email marketers, most feel more positive about its ability to cost-effectively increase customer loyalty and revenue.

The survey from Silverpop also revealed that 40 per cent of marketers intend to increase their email marketing budgets during this year.

Author:  Tink Taylor


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