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High Speed Verify v.1.31.62

May 27, 2010

New version of High Speed Verify is available for download.

List of changes:

+ Unicode text files are supported
+ Fixed some bugs

Download new version of High Speed Verify for free:

High Speed Verifier is offered as a solution for quick removal of garbage from lists with millions of addresses. For purely technical reasons, its operating rate is 10..15 times greater than that of AMV with relatively small lists, and with lists containing millions of addresses the difference in operating rate might be up to thousands of times. Growth of the HSV operating rate with longer lists is ensured by the fact that HSV stores the results of all queries to DNS servers in RAM cache, so, with longer lists the rate of cache hits is greater.

HSV is the first professional software designed to check huge mailing lists, it is created by professionals for professionals. We hope with HSV your business will be more effective and successful, and you will enjoy using our product.


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