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Facebook has a new spam to boast off, yet again.

May 24, 2011

This new spam mainly targets the novice account users, who are determined to protect their accounts from their daily dose of malware. It basically originates from a Facebook post, most likely from a friend, notifying the friend that it is possible to verify the security of his/her account. Clicking this link should further assist the user in verifying his/her account and avoid all future spams. But this link does exactly the opposite.

This link redirects you to a site containing a script such as JS_DOOLF.SPM. The user is then informed that the verification process has failed and as a resulthis/her account will be deleted. To avoid this deletion, the user has to follow some given steps. Doing so, the script will have access to the user’s friend list. The cycle goes on and the victim’s friends receive a similar post. This process is unending.

The ironical part about this post is, it masks itself as a genuine post from a friend, seriously concerned about your account security. You can only avoid this spam by believing your instincts, nothing else. Even better would be to avoid any such link sent by a friend or some random community.

Trend Micro’s Amit Nath offers a more sensible solution: “Never Click Links in messages received unexpectedly and never ever login to a site as a result of a link in a message. If you do follow a link that instructs you to login afterwards, close the page, then open a new page and visit the site using a previously bookmarked or known good link. Use a unique strong password for each account. If you have multiple social networking accounts use a unique password for each”.

Facebook users are now beginning to doubt its security and programming with so many spams coming up. Some of the users also agitated against it. “That’s a lot of spam!”, said an anonymous Facebook user.

The larger picture is yet to be revealed. Facebook is trying its best to avoid such scams, but still, users’ awareness is also important while using Facebook or any other similar Social Networking site, so that no further spams are produced.

Author:  CrazyEngineers


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